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Our Company Operating in the Composite, Mold, Machinery, CNC, and Industrial Fields for Many Years

Our composite works are shaped around fibers such as carbon, glass, aramid, and various types of resin systems. At the beginning of the composite design phase, joint efforts are conducted with the design unit to conduct material research that meets customer requirements and relevant standards.

Our aim is to deliver the most suitable and highest quality products to our valued customers as quickly as possible, based on our knowledge and experience. You can also receive Technical Support about special carbon and composite materials from our company that also manufactures production with specific specifications.

Quality, Environmental, and OHS Policy:

  1. Providing independent and unbiased responses to our customers' expectations as quickly and accurately as possible, and offering services.
  2. Continuously conducting our activities with the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction by providing services within the standards, legal regulations, customer conditions, and organization procedures we are affiliated with.
  3. Offering our services within the framework of reliability, equality, impartiality, and commercial ethics.
  4. Evaluating internal and external feedback, requests, complaints, and objections, and finding correct solutions as quickly as possible. Continuing the education of all our employees with the philosophy of continuous training.
  5. Conducting continuous activities to create and develop quality awareness in all individuals and organizations, whether they are our customers or not.
  6. Continuously improving our processes, using our resources as much as possible to increase the satisfaction of our internal and external customers.
  7. Determining and implementing our responsibilities according to our environmental dimensions in the planning stage of our activities to prevent environmental pollution.
  8. Ensuring and maintaining healthy working conditions.
  9. Being aware of and fulfilling our responsibilities to eliminate hazards, reduce risks, prevent workplace accidents, and ensure that there are no injuries.
  10. Ensuring the consultation and participation of employees and representatives.

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